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Advice for having an orgasm with a partner

Knowing exactly what makes you orgasm is a good start. Which kind of caress excites you the most? How does your body react when faced with different stimuli?

Know your partner’s body and preferences. Needless to say, this will not be achieved in a day. According to sexologists, couples who reach an orgasm at the same time usually have a long-term relationship.

Remember, penetration is not the only way to mutual happiness. Sex includes from the first caress to the last kiss-and everything else in between. For example, your partner may get explosive orgasms through nipple stimulation, but the mouth may make them feel indifferent. The word “communication” subtly sums up the best method. Pay attention to your partner—understand how they breathe or open their mouths when excitement overflows—and act accordingly.

If you feel like you have tried everything but are in despair, most articles on this topic mention the importance of “looking into the eyes of the other person.” Obviously, this limits the number of positions you can use, and although eye contact can be exciting, maintaining eye contact at all times can be a bit offensive—to say the least.

Perhaps toys can improve mutual feelings and achieve orgasm, which is also a good choice.


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