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Causes of inactive sexual desire

Physical stress

Any physical illness can have some effect on your desires. Sickness makes you tired. When you are tired, you don’t want to do anything that requires effort. Excessive work can also exhaust you to the point that you have almost no sexual desire. Bad habits such as alcohol abuse, recreational drugs or smoking can lead to decreased libido. If your libido turns abruptly, quitting these unhealthy habits will help your libido become active and active again.


Hormonal changes

With age, both women and men experience hormonal changes. If you reach a certain age, this may be the cause of your low libido. For women, menopause can cause a drop in estrogen levels. Moreover, for men, the production of testosterone decreases. Fortunately, modern medicine can choose to treat these hormonal fluctuations, so getting older does not mean you can’t maintain your sexual desire. You can improve your libido through toys, etc.


Psychological problems

Lack of sexual interest is often accompanied by mental health problems. Depression, emotional stress, anxiety, and other mental illnesses often lead to low libido. Although it is temporary, if you have a mental illness and your loss of libido is becoming a long-term dilemma, please seek professional help.

Low libido does not necessarily mean life imprisonment. Finding the core of the problem is the first step to rediscover sexual desire.


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