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Xincole Color Positioning

We want everyone to enjoy the service and product feeling of love and respect, and always insist on “making friends with users”.
Because of this mission, Xingkelai has been developing rapidly, and we are making more and more friends.
How can I make more friends like Xing Kelai and understand Xing Kelai’s idea?
We decided to start with the strong point of everyone’s perception: to locate the color of the Xing Kelai.
This work, we will start from the beginning of 2022, collect all kinds of colors suitable for women from all over the world, and try various schemes and possibilities.
In the end, this plan moved everyone.
It is estimated that many people will say, this is it? Still need discussion?
It’s not just a simple, color positioning, but an inner, spiritual and temperamental determination.
Xing Kelai Xiangyang Yellow is the core and most important product color of Xing Kelai positioning, symbolizing vitality and vitality.
Xiang Yanghuang is good at setting goals, is far-sighted, and has a color with a global concept. Naturally pretentious, with strong self-control, not only has a heroic complex, but also has a proud body.
Xing Kelai continues to practice in the stormy waves of time, towards a more ambitious goal.

Fortunately, Kelai has made great strides with the efforts of the team, and will surely create greater glories in the future.


Xincole Color Positioning


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