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Why women like vibrators

Some women will pursue the “sex” happiness more, so they require another partner to give them a strong sense of satisfaction, but this may not meet the requirements, so there may be an extra vibrator on the bed. But why do women like vibrators? And what are the benefits of vibrators for women?
In real life, there will always be some women who cannot enjoy a happy sex life for various reasons. The vibrator of masturbation products can improve the quality of people’s sexual life, and also allow women to get the same sexual satisfaction as normal married life, and can effectively reduce the occurrence of unethical behaviors such as looking for sexual partners or one-night stands, which is very important to women’s physical and mental health. There are benefits.
On the other hand, women’s preference for vibrators may be due to women’s masturbation reasons. Although masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon, for girls, if they do not have the habit of masturbation, it is recommended not to start because of curiosity. Girls who already have the habit of masturbation should not masturbate too frequently. Safety issues are particularly important when masturbating.
Masturbation vibrators are more stimulating than normal sexual behavior. Long-term use will easily stimulate the uterus, which may lead to aggravation of dysmenorrhea. Therefore, pay attention to the frequency and intensity of use.
However, if women really want to make masturbation the “happy spice” of life, they still need to pay more attention:
Be careful to protect yourself when masturbating. Because such products cannot be disinfected, there are many chances of infection. As long as the utensils are properly disinfected and protected, and the menstrual period is avoided, it is harmless to the body. Be sure to keep the utensils clean, and preferably wrap them with condoms, which can not only play a role as a hygienic barrier, but also have a lubricating effect.
Also, avoid foreign objects that have sharp edges, are fragile, or are easily left in the vagina. It should be noted that women who have the habit of masturbation must not be ashamed to seek medical attention when they find signs of gynecological diseases. Don’t be afraid and blame yourself because of a history of masturbation, and delay the opportunity to discover the real causative factor.




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