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The sales of sex toys will grow rapidly in 2021

The arrival of any industry’s explosive period is that the market has reached a peak, followed by a blowout! In many industries, as long as you look for and observe carefully, you will definitely find the rules and profits in the industry! Many industries in the country are currently struggling, but the adult products market is becoming more and more popular, increasing year by year at a rapid growth rate of 63.3% each year. Compared with other industries, it can be called the two heavens of ice and fire!

Gender experts say that bedroom toys can help enhance your relationship and add variety to your intimate time; not to mention that they are proven to help women achieve orgasm. In fact, 75% of women report that they cannot achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation.

This may be behind the crazy growth of the adult products market since 2017. It is reasonable and gradual acceptance and release of inner “sex” needs.

Regarding the business of adult products and sex toys, most people are embarrassed, “look down” or even disdain to understand the idea of this industry, but for those who understand this industry, adult products are currently on the rise. 


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