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The role of sex products

1. The fear of sexually transmitted diseases can release sexual desire without contacting the opposite sex.
2. It can provide sexual enjoyment for those who are unconditionally married, go out for a long time or live alone. Avoid whoring.
3. When the sexual desire is strong and the sexual spouse can not be satisfied, they can release the extra sexual energy instead of engaging in extramarital love, so as to stabilize the marriage.
4. For male impotence, female patients with cold can be induced or treated with sexual appliances.
5. If one of the husband and wife is sick or disabled, widowed and unable to have sex, sex is a tool for masturbation.
6. When couples fail to enjoy their sex life, they can use sexual stimulation and assistance to achieve orgasm.
7. It is helpful to improve the quality of sexual life of husband and wife. Those with poor sexual function can reach orgasm and obtain sexual satisfaction through strong sexual stimulation, affecting sexual threshold.

8. Most of the sexual appliances have contraceptive function, and the use of sexual appliances can prevent unplanned childbearing and reduce the number of over 


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