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Silicone cleansing brush

The towels we usually use will breed a lot of bacteria, and they are generally not clean. However, our newly launched face wash brush is a modern day-to-day skin care artifact and is sought after by many women. Its main function is to clean the face and protect the skin. The most popular thing for consumers is that it can be easily put in a pocket and carried with them. 10 frequency vibration effect, IPX7 level waterproof, very strong mute effect, soft brush head, it is almost zero distance interaction when it touches the skin. The effect of vibration makes facial cleaning more comfortable! The silicone facial cleansing brush is made of liquid silica gel, which is close to the skin, safe, non-toxic, harmless, and environmentally friendly. It also carries a hidden charging port and can be charged through a USB cable.

How to use: Wet the face with clean water, take an appropriate amount of facial cleanser, rub the foam, and apply it evenly to the face; wet the brush head of the cleansing instrument, modulate the appropriate frequency, and apply a circular motion on the forehead, cheeks, and cheeks. Clean the nose and chin; after cleaning, wash your face, and then place the face scrubbing brush in a ventilated place.

Oily skin can be used once a day, and dry skin can be cleaned about twice a week. After cleaning, be sure to do a good job of hydrating, at this time the absorption effect of the skin will be better!

The cleansing brush itself is not easy to clean, it breeds bacteria, it will aggravate the skin and cause more inflammation, and the poor quality will easily accumulate bacteria. A good cleansing brush is easy to clean and has antibacterial properties. It can be dried and placed in a dry place.

Heating facial massage cleansing brush

Using food-grade silicone bristles, it feels comfortable and more hygienic than traditional cleaning brushes. There is no need to replace the brush head. The cleansing brush and heated massager are combined into one, which is the forefront of cleaning and exfoliating.

Vibrating silicone facial cleansing brush

Made of FDA food grade silicone. Use vibration to clean without harming the skin. The vibrating silicone facial brush is suitable for a variety of skin types, as well as a variety of users: men, women, teenagers and the elderly. Just use the cleansing brush for 2 minutes a day. After a period of time, you will find that your skin becomes cleaner and smoother.