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Sexy love massage stick

It seems common for men to talk about masturbation, but if you change to the woman of today, talking about masturbation is like a veil of mystery. Regarding the massage stick, in fact, masturbation is a fairly normal and healthy sexual behavior. Most men or women masturbate for the first time. It is normal to have sexual desire, and there is no need to face him. I feel very embarrassed, but masturbation is a good way to let yourself understand your physiology and psychology!
Using a vibrator has nothing to do with age and love mentality. Just as some married women feel that their husbands cannot satisfy themselves, so long as they pay attention to hygiene, they will choose to masturbate.
The massage stick (vibrating egg) is mainly used to vibrate the toy and make you feel the stinging stimulation. Massage sticks are divided into two types: external push and internal push, and some are even dual-purpose.
Orgasm can increase the level of dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin in the body. The most fascinating of women is the clitoral glans, followed by the clitoris body, the labia minora, and the outer 1/3 area of the vagina. These release hormones make us feel comfortable and have a decompression effect. Therefore, research points out that people who have sex look younger.
Many people say that a woman at thirty is like a wolf and forty is like a tiger. The pleasure that masturbation brings to you will only make you craving sex more. It is also easier to achieve the climax you want.


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