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Sexual ethics

The culture of the world today is also very different. Iran allows polygamy, and there is a legacy of polyandry in northern Nigeria. Even in the same cultural area, ethics should not be absolute.

Iranian polygamy

Before our country got out of poverty, in some mountainous areas, it was fashionable to change relatives, that is, to change the sister to another family to be a wife, and then we would have a wife. There are always imbalances in this kind of marriage without love, and future family conflicts are difficult to resolve. These are not ethically condemned, but more sympathy is obtained.

In the past few years, the “virginity” was absoluteized and regarded it above all else; the “one-to-one” was absoluteized, and the divorced nature of marriage was rejected. Other examples show that in the past and now, many men and women were in the abyss of suffering due to certain solidified and absolute sexual ethics, and even embarked on the road to suicide.

Ethics is not only an aspect of national culture, but also religion. For example, some time ago, more than a dozen beautiful women wearing bikinis were arrested on the balcony of a hotel in Saudi Arabia; this also shows that despite the continuous development of society, what phenomena are in line with ethical standards, there is still no rule.

The “condom” we are most familiar with is a contraceptive product, but in 1914, the inventor was imprisoned eight times by American society. So far in medicine, if there are Chinese doctors who have performed abortion operations, they will be rejected and underestimated by foreign medical circles. Family planning is considered a “human rights” repression.

Other phenomena show that sexual ethics is social. Although sexual ethics is vague and clear, we insist not to be intimidated by certain “descendant” “false Taoism” and “moral” criticisms, a true civilization. Sexual morality will be popularized in the society, and it is an important part of promoting a harmonious family.

Sexual life within a legal marriage generally does not have legal and moral issues, unless there are cases of marital rape and domestic sex slavery. Is sex outside of marriage ethical? It depends on what kind of ethics the people around you hold. This is what Jackie Chan’s famous saying “All men make mistakes”. As for rape, incest, etc., which have been categorized as illegal, I won’t discuss them one by one here.


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