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sex experiments with toys

For someone with a female body, vibrating the clitoris feels incredible. The vibrator is a classic Hitachi vibrator, perfect for beginners. The body-safe silicone design and small size make it a great toy that can be easily incorporated into sexual activity without fuss.
Your partner can still perform oral sex around the vulva (very sensitive during arousal) or finger your G-spot while using the vibrator. Since the clitoris is sensitive, try to tease an orgasm through the rim – once they’re about to orgasm, release the pressure, restart the cycle and push them to the rim, then stop. It can produce earth-shattering orgasms.

For men of male stature, try using the same vibrator on the frenulum, base of the penis, or under the testicles. If you keep a sex toy on your genitals for an extended period of time, ask your partner if they would like to add some lubricant to avoid skin irritation.


sex experiments with toys


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