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Sex and cancer

Is it possible to have sex during treatment?

Generally speaking, as long as interest, energy and comfort allow, sexual activity during treatment is possible. Women may not feel sexual intimacy after surgery or during chemotherapy. If your white blood cell count or platelet count is low, you need to avoid vaginal, anal, or oral sex. This is because when your count is low, the risk of infection or bleeding increases. If you have mouth ulcers, you should not have oral sex.

Tips for health and safety activities

You can still have sex during treatment. The key to a healthy and safe sex life is communication. Keep communication open. Talk about what feels good and what feels bad; when you feel tired or uncomfortable, talk to your partner. Or you can stimulate and touch your body through toys.

The important thing is that even if your body allows sex, you may not be able to bear it. Chemotherapy can cause fatigue and nausea. It may also affect your desire for intimacy. Take it easy. You can have sex only when you are ready.


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