Company News

  • You have come to the right place. The Xing kelai factory has more than 7 years of experience in the industry and develops high-quality, body-safe entertainment products for the evolving adult novelty market. Xign kelai has a leading, award-winning brand that is provided through many distributors around the world and is a trusted brand.


  • Xingkelai afternoon tea allows company employees to work in a relaxed atmosphere "a lifestyle that is particularly beneficial to health, which can exist as a company culture. Talk freely during the afternoon tea, and there will be many new ideas and creativity.


  • We have created a list of the best discreet vibrators of all time, each with its own unique style. They are perfect for people who like to hide toys, need to carry them with them, or just like pockets full of sunlight.


  • When men have unstable erections, women can use dildos or vibrators to achieve that feeling of fullness. Women may use these toys while their partners watch or caress them. In order to replicate sexual intercourse more closely, men can also try wearing strap dildos. Sex toy marketers provide dildos, vibrators and straps.


  • The orgasm that the massage stick brings me: My body feels floating, full of strength, a rushing flame, devouring everything, and it is so beautiful that it is almost impossible to bear. "I feel extremely excited-my breathing is short-at the same time my head becomes light and fluttering


  • Masturbation is not a shameful thing, because everyone will have sexual needs, and women are more likely to reach orgasm when masturbating. Even without a boyfriend or sexual partner, masturbation is like an antidote. It can be relieved and released to your heart's content. You can try to make a very powerful massager (for example; even more wonderful than love~