Company News

  • What are the details? In this world, details are everywhere. They are small and detailed. They exist every day and everyone. It will never sway the situation, nor will it change something immediately, but the competition in the details is like a spring breeze and rain.


  • With the improvement of people's living standards, people now have a higher pursuit of sex. Many people will spend a lot of money to improve the quality of life of couples. Today I will introduce you to the vibrators used by women, whether they are single women or married. All women can use the vibrator to stimulate her.


  • Tiredness and hard work did not reduce everyone's enthusiasm for work. They wore all kinds of uniforms, brave and brave, and devoted themselves to their work with full enthusiasm. They have become a beautiful landscape on the busy production line. We can see that they perform their duties and work together in solidarity, and we can also imagine that behind each product is formed, there are drops of their hard work.


  • In order to further enhance the emergency response capabilities of employees and lay a solid foundation for the rapid, orderly and effective implementation of accident rescue, the company conducted emergency rescue and fire protection knowledge training and examinations for company personnel in three phases from August 011 to August 3.


  • This day is full of struggle. In the days of "blue sea, sky, yellow leaves, and autumn colors", the daily activities of running a company began. There you can touch the vitality of jumping and experience the joy of enthusiasm like summer.


  • "Lian high quality, build Qing Qu Yuan together." On July 24, EIS purchased Ms. Zhang and his entourage visited our factory to select products.