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Dildo/AV stick masturbation strategy


Leaving her partner, she fell into physical hunger. She can't control the social software. Until her girlfriend asked her friend to send her a best partner for masturbation: AV stick, blue, handle with round head, like a microphone. Putting a sex toy into the vagina seems very cool. If

 you want to have a stronger atmosphere, it is recommended that you watch an A movie while fantasizing that you are an actress. Naturally, you will be more involved in the drama. When the feeling of pleasure is about to be reached, you will feel that your body has an electric shock. At this time, you can maintain the stroking speed or even increase it, making it easier to obtain sexual satisfaction.

If you want to experience the simulated fun vibration with a unique style and unique personality, then please enjoy ,0, you will know what is special about this toy.

The glans is very soft and fits the texture of the human body, and has a strong impact in terms of design and vibration. This is a very quiet penis, especially at the lowest setting. And because it is made of liquid silicone, it is easy to clean. There are seven speeds, five telescopic swings, and charging via USB. It is splash-proof, but not waterproof, so don't submerge it. It is used for vulvar or clitoral stimulation, and vaginal stretch stimulation is the best choice.

Fall asleep immediately after the incident, absolutely can't! Remember to wash your body after a break, change your underwear, and ensure hygiene.
After using the sex toys, they should be cleaned and put away. The cleaning method of sex toys depends on the quality and comfort.