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  • Meet the vibrator - your new one in and out of the bedroom. Powerful enough to make your mark on your hookup list, but cute enough to put on your nightstand for all to see, is the clitoral stimulator we've all been waiting for. It's also absolutely lovely in the perfect pantone tone.


  • Whether you’re a Big O-Pro (professional orgasm-er) or you’ve not yet had an orgasm and are looking for help finding your first big O, these top tips are here to help you enjoy the journey to orgasmic bliss - alone or with a partner!


  • We want everyone to enjoy the service and product feeling of love and respect, and always insist on "making friends with users". Because of this mission, Xing Kelai has been developing rapidly, and we are making more and more friends. How can I make more friends like Xing Kelai and understand Xing Kelai's idea?


  • Customized export orders for various sexy vibrating toys are being shipped


  • It's very cold now, why don't you come in and use these warm-ups? Winter brings cold weather and downpours. There is no better excuse to snuggle up with a lucky lover or warm toys by the fire, or spend your time comfortably under a blanket.


  • This is probably the simplest and most basic sex toy available today, but what is sexual satisfaction with a real dildo? In fact, people may get the most satisfaction with a realistic dildo because they are full of erotic pleasure. Of course, for some people, this penis-shaped toy may seem a little intimidating at first, but try not to discredit it, because the pleasure experienced far exceeds its appearance.