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Menopausal sex

At what age does menopause start?

When the ovaries stop producing as much estrogen as possible and no longer release an egg every month, the period before and after menstruation is about to end is called menopause, and women are usually between 45-55 years old.

What are the symptoms of menopause?

Menstrual disorders, menopause, hot flushes on the face, night sweats, chest tightness, poor breathing, sagging breasts, weight gain, dry and loose skin, osteoporosis, muscle joint pain, urinary incontinence, insomnia, memory loss, irritability, constipation, Sexual dysfunction. Lack of sexual desire or inability to enjoy sexual activities, etc.

How does menopause affect your libido?

When you go through menopause, a decrease in estrogen can cause changes in female libido. Some women notice that they are not easily awakened and may be less sensitive to touch and touch. Lower estrogen levels can also reduce blood flow to the vagina, which affects vaginal lubrication. Of course, the symptoms listed above do not completely make you feel sexy!

How does menopause improve libido?

When it comes to sex, enjoy foreplay and spend time enjoying oral sex or masturbating each other. To

Try some sex toys. If these are not yet part of your sex game, now is the best time to introduce them to the bedroom. Sex toys help increase your libido and add to your foreplay. If you want to start small, you can use bullet vibrators to stimulate multiple sexy areas, from clitoris to nipples.


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