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How to use the vibration ring correctly

Put the condom on the penis and then put the condom on the condom. Please note that the vibrator on the condom should be located above the root of the penis.

1. (vibration ring)Tear off the inner package of the vacuum in the box.
2. Put the condom on your penis first
3. (vibration ring)Insert the battery box into the body to make it vibrate, and then put the collar on (“bump” is placed in the front)
4. (vibration ring)Put the collar over the base of the penis
5. Please remove the condom and vibrator after use and discard them
6. There is a “bump” in front of the vibrator. Please make sure that the “bump” moves forward when using
7. For the sake of hygiene, do not reuse the same vibrator.
8. It can be reused, but the battery should be replaced. However, for health and prevention of infection, it is recommended not to use it multiple times.


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