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How to select an appropriate vibration massager

1、 Look at the shape of the vibration massager
According to the style of vibration massager, it can be divided into European and American ergonomic design style and Japanese tentacle vibration style vibrator. The difference between them can be vividly compared to the feeling of mineral water and coke.

Ergonomic design) according to the bionic design of female vagina, it closely fits the structure of girls’ private parts and does not pursue super stimulation, but satisfaction. It is like mineral water with plain taste but rich nutrition. Although it has no taste, it solves practical problems. The biggest advantage is ergonomic design, which will not improve the excitement gate value. If you change men, it will not affect sexual pleasure, Side effects are small. Although boiled water is not good to drink, it can always be needed.

2、 The products with qualified smell have no pungent smell(vibration massager). Due to the production process, silica gel will definitely have some rubber smell when it comes out, but it is definitely not big. It can be smelled only when the nose is close to the vibrator, and it is only a faint rubber smell, even some aroma. It will be completely gone after cleaning for several times, If the vibrator you buy has a pungent smell, it must be a product with plasticizer added. Please never use it.(vibration massager)


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