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The themes of Halloween are ghosts, scares, exorcism, magic, etc. Related to Halloween are pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats, owls, zombies, demons, and so on. And black and orange are the colors of Halloween. So the best part of Halloween is black and orange to decorate your home. You can add more orange styles to your toys, then you can add a rabbit G-spot vibrator, the USB interface can be charged, the size is suitable for beginners. This is a vibrator that focuses on the G point, with multiple settings and external stimuli.

If you feel that your vibrator is saturated, you can choose a dildo. There are many colors and styles of dildos, which are very suitable for your toys. This black dildo is not only suitable for beginners to fix and penetrate dildos, but also Black, there are other colors and functions. Friends who want to change to a new dildo can purchase functions such as telescopic and swing, which can increase your pleasure and meet your needs.