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Girls dress up

Feeling soft, but when I get up, it is full!
Is there a vibrator,
It looks like watching, without sense of distance and tools?
Is there a vibrator,
It feels soft and full of power?
Is there a vibrator,
Is it the right length and thickness?
Is there a vibrator,
It can stimulate point C, but can it also meet the needs of point G?
Is there a vibrator,
It works with a low voice, and can heat up to make the body more sensitive?
If these advantages are concentrated on this vibrator, what should it look like? To

Behind the extreme requirements are the extreme complex materials, batteries, motors, appearance, feel, adaptation, etc., there are too many to list, but we want to be the first easy-to-use vibrator for girls with this vision,

On August 1, 2021, the goddess dress was born.

The goddess wear is an all-inclusive glue process, using the softest 15° liquid silicone currently on the market
In this way, the goddess wears a multi-functional body that is not only silky, but also thinner and softer.
To wrap all the components, the parting line is difficult to form, insist on restoring the soft skin feel

Dual-motor three-dimensional vibration
Shuttle inside and outside, surround vibration
Two motors at the head and tail, the same powerful swipe control inside and outside, experience the surround three-dimensional shuttle vibration
U-shaped comprehensive fit design can do everything

Not cold

“Hi, my girl, please allow me to be gentle with you. You are just a child of the universe, no different from plants and stars. Please allow me to be domineering with you. Be warm, come here. Please indulge with me, every night .”


Silicone lipstick vibrator


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